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Electropedic Ergo Adjust-A-Matic Mattress Store carries one of the largest selection of quality mattress manufacturers in So Cal; at unbeatable prices. We invite you to visit one of our five locations to experience for yourself, the comfort and quality our products and so that you could see up close, our vast collection of the best mattresses and beds in the country.

What exactly is an Electropedic Ergo Adjust-A-Matic Bed?  An Electropedic Ergo Adjust-A-Matic Bed is your very own home relaxation center.

What is a complete Electropedic Ergo Adjust-A-Matic Sleep System?  A complete Electropedic Ergo Adjust-A-Matic Sleep System is a complete adjustable bed that adds to the comfort and simplicity of your bedroom.  It will allow you to enjoy the luxury and ease of simple everyday habits and tasks, i.e. reading, watching TV, snacking, working, studying, or just relaxing.  You will get hours of zzzz’s instead of hours of counting sheep.

You can use your adjustable bed to position your head and feet to a comfort level for pain relief, or just to relax.  You can use the adjustable bed for a total body massage to help soothe tired muscles and increase circulation, or just to lull you to sleep.  Another reason the Electropedic Ergo Adjust-A-Matic Bed is so amazing, it comes with its very own remote control, (upon request) so that you will never have to get out of bed to manually adjust your position or the bed; its just a push of a button.

Our entire selection of Adjustable Beds come complete with your choice of mattress, foundation, a steel adjustable frame, trim panels and a built-in massage system.  From a fully flat position, the Electropedic Ergo Adjust-A-Matic Bed can be raised smoothly and silently to the exact level of your desire.  Try one today.

Electropedic Ergo Adjust – A – Matic Bed Prices:

Electropedic Ergo Adjust-A-Matic Beds & Mattresses at low pricesWe are offering the lowest adjustable bed price in the industry and our Factory Direct prices will prove it. Plus we carry all major brands of adjustable beds from Tempurpedic, Electropedic, Adjust-A-Matic, Reverie, Maxwell, and LP Adjustables. Located in the city of Los Angeles since 1964, Beds Etc. has been a name you can trust. Beds Etc. factory direct retail Latex Mattress offer the most comfortable piece of furniture you can buy.